Emotion Perception from Body Expression


Background: Developing affectively aware technologies is a growing industry. To build them effectively, it is important to understand the features involved in discriminating between emotions. While many technologies focus on facial expressions, studies have highlighted the influence of body expressions over other modalities for perceiving some emotions. 

Our project: In this project, evaluate the discriminative importance of dynamic body features for decoding emotion through an exploratory study. Our results indicate that the two primary regions attended to most often and longest were the torso and the arms.


My Involvement

  •  I recruited 32 participants.

  • I used an eye-tracking system to monitor participants’ eye gaze behavior while viewing clips of non-acted body movements to which they associated an emotion.

  • I handled all the data collection and data analysis.

Types of data I collected and analyzed

eye-tracking, and questionnaires.


Methods I used

quantitative methodology, statistical tests.

Research Areas

Affective Computing; Human-Computer Interaction.



Andrea Kleinsmith, Azin Semsar. Perception of Emotion in Body Expressions from Gaze Behavior. Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2019.