Investigating in youth and community

Branding and print design 

Creating Identity System for Choice Program

The Choice Program is a thriving community of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of disconnected youth in Baltimore through various empowerment programs. They employ the young people at the Flying Fruit Cafe at the University of Baltimore. The cafe is no ordinary one, it is a huge step in the lives of the youth as their first real job. A lot of designs in this work features design elements in reference to the cafe.

It has been a great learning opportunity, to design the visual voice for such a strong organization.

Data Gathering 

To create an identity system that resonates with the company's vision and truly captures its essence requires to first get to know them very well. In other words, CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING! The various ways used to gather the data are:

1. Meeting in person (get to know the organization)

2. Contextual Inquiry and direct observation (visiting the onsite cafe)

3. Existing design language (loyalty card, discount cards, websites, menu, flyers)

Color choices

The color story of the designs resonates with the organization's goals and vision for the youth. I have chosen to keep the color design similar to the existing color language, as it helps the existing connections and audience to recognize the same spirit of The Choice program. The color palette is based on warm colors with hints of black to depict enthusiasm, energy, and passion.

RED - The bright shade of red in these designs is used to portray awareness for the betterment of the youth and the passion of the team towards investing in the potential of the youth.

YELLOW - The Choice Program team is an optimistic, friendly and positive group of volunteers who believe in the power and potential of youth and the color yellow effectively conveys the characteristic.

BLACK - There are hints of this color in these designs to portray sophistication and formality to blend in the culture of Choice Program.


Copywriting and design guides

1. As the organization revolves around youth, the language is open and inviting with phrases like "Come Along!". The language designed also caters to the adults and staff of the choice program which takes a more respectful tone. 

2. Showcase a fun and energizing design without looking immature or childish. 

3. Engage with the audience by matching their enthusiasm for building a strong positive career through the type faces, colors, language and layouts. 

4. Emphasize on benefits of joining The Choice Program. Never use negative words for youth like "troubled" or "backward".